Asian Youth Theatre Festival 2017
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The inaugural theatre festival which celebrates the diversity and the power of the Asian youth! Join us from 13th to 15th October for the Asian Youth Theatre Festival as we showcase the very best of regional theatre and place youth at the very forefront of the theatre scene. We're thrilled to host 10 spectacular youth theatres - 5 from all across the Asian region and 5 from our very own Singapore! Apart from the performances, you can also expect nuanced workshops by experienced theatre practitioners, an arts and crafts flea market, performances by local bands and so much more!

The theme for this year's AYTF is "Cultural Diversity." More than just a festival, the Asian Youth Theatre Festival aims to provide a bridge between cultures enabling young people to discover their past, challenge their present and carve out their future. By combining culture, community and country, we give youths a platform to explore perspectives. As the world becomes more globalized and technology pervades our every being, we look at how culture defines us or questions if we are moving towards a ‘Lost’ culture, where lines are blurred and history erased.

AYTF is helmed and organised by Buds Theatre, a non-profit theatre company with the aim of providing a platform for ​young theatre graduates to practice their craft and refine their skills. Buds Theatre Company has since gained recognition​ and respect across the region as an incubator for aspiring young artists and practitioners of excellence.